About Kinship Care Ireland

Kinship Care Ireland was specifically set up to work with and on behalf of Kinship families.

If you are a Kinship Carer, we want to be there for you!

Phone/Text us on: 087 148 7124 or email: info@kinshipcare.ie

There are many children and young people in Ireland being raised by relatives or friends, because their parents can no longer look after them. These Kinship families face unique challenges and require special support. Most kinship carers find that they make significant sacrifices to care for vulnerable children who cannot live with their parents. The availability of suitable resources and services are crucial from an early stage, to enable families to thrive.

Kinship Care Ireland advocates for the development of comprehensive wraparound supports, for kinship families throughout Ireland.

Our mission is to work in partnership with kinship families and key stakeholders, to promote the recognition, rights and entitlements of children, young people, and families in kinship care, through the provision of information, supports, services and advocacy, for systems and legislative change.

Our Work


  • We provide information on kinship related issues

  • We are committed to working in partnership with existing networks of family support professionals and organisations, to enable them to inform and support kinship families, when and where they need it.


  • We want to address the needs of Kinship Carers, children and young people by identifying models and responses that will improve outcomes for kinship families.

  • We acknowledge the diversity among kinship carers, who range from grandparent carers to young sibling carers.

  • We believe that children and young people in kinship care need both individual and group support to help them to understand their family situation, and cope with the issues, challenges and transitions that they face.

  • We are working towards developing a network of safe and supportive peer groups, for carers, children and young people.


We aim to:

  • Increase awareness of Kinship care among professionals and policy makers  and highlight both the benefits and challenges of Kinship care.

  • Inform professionals, to improve their understanding of the specific needs of Kinship families and create opportunities to share knowledge and best practice.

  • Campaign for policy and legislative change to achieve the formal recognition and rights of kinship families.


We recognise the importance of:

  • Undertaking research into the lived experiences of Kinship families in Ireland, to understand and document pathways and responses.

  • Reviewing outcomes for children and young people in Kinship Care.

  • Using evidence to inform and influence practice, policy change and legislative reform.

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