Are you a Kinship Carer?

You are a kinship carer if you are looking after a child of a relative or friend on a full-time basis.

Kinship families come in all shapes and sizes!  You might be a grandparent, auntie, uncle, sibling, or friend. You might be caring for young children or teenagers. You might be new to kinship caring or you may have been doing it for many years.

You may be just starting out as a kinship carer – trying to navigate and find a way through a maze of issues, be it legal, financial, or parenting. Or you may have been looking after the child of a relative or close friend for years, and just need a bit of advice or support. Every kinship family situation is different and faces unique challenges.

Your Role as a Kinship Carer can be Challenging

Kinship Care occurs in a crisis. Often there is little notice as the result of a trauma, or sudden loss.

Whatever your circumstances, you may be facing some challenges in your role as a Kinship Carer.

You may be:

Coping with the massive impact that being a kinship carer can have on your family dynamics.

Managing contact with the child’s parents.

Dealing with social workers or family support workers from Tusla, the Child and Family agency.

Dealing with other people’s judgements as to whether you can properly care for the child or young person.

Struggling to budget and manage your money – and trying to work at the same time.

  Finding it difficult to find time and energy to build a caring relationship with the children in your care.

Do you need some advice, support, or a listening ear?

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At Kinship Care Ireland know the value of a chat with someone who understands your situation. We want to work with and for kinship families throughout Ireland, raising awareness of the issues you face and helping to support you in your vital role.

We can offer information on your entitlements and signpost you to where you might access further financial or legal, advice and health, education and parenting supports, for you and the children in your care.

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