An information evening for the public about bereavement with guest speaker Zoe Holohan, author of ‘As the Smoke Clears’, hosted by Dublin North Bereavement Network and the South Dublin Bereavement Network, supported by IHF

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This online event is for people bereaved through any circumstance – whether that be illness or a sudden death or if it’s recent or a death from many years ago. They may have experienced the death of a partner, a parent, a child, a friend, a sibling, a work colleague or a relative. During the evening, information will be provided about grief and the range of bereavement supports available in the Dublin region. 


Professional speaker, Niamh Finucane, who works in the area of bereavement, will talk about the process of grief, how the pandemic has affected our grief, how grieving the loss of someone close can affect us, what can help and ways we can support each other.

Guest speaker, Zoe Holohan, the author of the recently published bestseller ‘As the Smoke Clears’ will share her personal experience of coping with the sudden death of her husband Brian. Zoe has previously spoken about her journey through loss on the Late Late Show, Ireland AM, Pat Kenny on Newstalk amongst others and will discuss her process of dealing with grief, finding hope once more and some of the lessons she learned on her path to recovery.

There will also be opportunities for the audience to ask questions, if they wish.