Our Work

Our Work

Kinship Care Ireland, was set up to work with and for kinship families, throughout Ireland.

Our Mission is to promote the recognition, rights and entitlements of children, young people, and carers in kinship families, through the provision of information, support and advocacy, for systems and legislative change.

Our Work involves

Information and Outreach

Kinship Carers are welcome to contact us directly, to seek information on entitlements and signpost to where to access further support on issues related to kinship families.

We acknowledge the diversity among kinship carers, and we respect the identity, rights and values that are integral to kinship families. 

We are committed to informing professionals and organisations, to enable them to better support kinship families, within their own communities.

We aim to share knowledge and best practice among professionals and policy makers, to improve understanding of the specific needs of kinship families.

We will campaign for policy and legislative change, to enhance support and recognition of kinship families.

Advocacy and Support

We want to inform and influence pathways and responses, that will improve outcomes for kinship families.

We believe that children and young people in kinship care need both individual and group support, to help them to understand their family situation, and cope with the issues, challenges and transitions that they face.

We will hold events and workshops for kinship families and develop a network of safe and supportive peer groups, for carers, children and young people.


We are committed to undertaking research with Kinship families in Ireland, to explore the prevalence and pathways of kinship care, in Ireland.

We believe that more extensive data collection is required, to document lived experiences and outcomes for children and young people in kinship families.

We will explore and gather evidence, to assist us to understand and influence administrative and legislative practices, which impact on kinship families.

Our Funding

KCI received developmental support from the Katherine Howard Foundation and Social Entrepreneurs Ireland.
We are currently funded through TUSLA, the Child and Family Agency