Are you a Kinship Carer?

Are you a Kinship Carer?

If you are looking after the child or children of a relative or friend, on a full-time basis, then you are a kinship carer!

Kinship Carers and families, can vary, in size and structure.

You could be a grandparent, auntie, uncle, sibling, or friend.

You might be caring for a baby, a young child or a teenager.

You could be new to kinship caring or maybe you have been doing it for years.

If you are a new kinship carer, you are probably trying to find your way through a maze of issues, but even if you have been looking after the child of a relative or close friend for some time, you might still need some advice or support.

Whatever your circumstances, and the challenges you may face in your role as a Kinship Carer…

Kinship Care Ireland is here to help!

You may be:

  • Dealing with the impact of taking additional responsibility for children and young people.
  • Managing your relationship with parents.
  • Dealing with the Child and Family agency, TUSLA.
  • Figuring out what assistance is available to you.
  • Struggling with your increased household outgoings.
  • Trying to hold down employment.
  • Maintaining your relationship with your own partner or children.

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